Renee Settle






Renee was part of the first wave of latchkey kids in 1972 and grew up on ranches in Wyoming and remote desert homes in Nevada.    In 2014, she became homeless and jobless, living with friends or in her car. So, it was only natural for her to become a published author. While processing through childhood sexual abuse, she developed a method to help herself write. Then, through teaching it, realized her true calling was to help others break free from the excuses and write, too.  Now she  successfully ghostwrites for clients from all over the world, runs the 30 Day Writing Workout coaching program, develops  children, teens, and adult workbooks using the 12 Minutes A Day method, and speaks to groups and conferences about the true reason we make excuses not to write our stories.  Fear.  She helps people break through their excuses  and  overcome fear of writing using just 12 minutes a day. She calls it aligning souls, one story at a time.

"Your story matters.  Together our stories will change the world." - Renee Settle

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