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Book Surgery

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Book Surgery

What the heck is book surgeon?

I am a professional book surgeon skilled in taking your manuscript, cutting into the guts of it, and creating the masterpiece you intended. My keen eye will detect those areas where your story is weak or overburdened with arthritic articulations, rambling rants, and dislocated deductions. My steady hand will wield a pen (or keyboard) like a scalpel to remove absessed or bloated prose and transform it into sleek, silky sentences, settings, and stories.

Think of my services as you would a medical spa. I offer judiciously applied word injections that plump up your paragraphs.

Honestly, how does it work?

It's very simple. At least for you.

  • You give me all your research, writings, and tell me what your goals were to finish the project.
  • In pre-op, I evaluate everything; applying my xray vision and expertise to everything you've given me. Then we discuss what I've found and what I think it will take to fix it.
  • After we agree on a treatment, I begin the surgery; removing all the paragraph cysts, sewing up the open sentence veins, and repairing the broken structural bones.
  • I will perform manuscript augmentation for those areas that are gaunt or emaciated. And finally, edit to make sure no scalpels or sponges were left inside.
  • I send you a finalized draft and you review it.
  • In post-op, you provide me with comments and I followup with a revision of the manuscript based on your feedback. 
  • I send the final perfected piece home to you for the next step in publishing.

How long does it take?

The whole procedure, from start to finish usually takes two to four months.

What's it gonna cost me, doc?

I will gladly create a specific proposal for you after we've discussed the project in more detail. The cost varies so much because each project has it's own tasks and goals. Let's chat about it so you can get the best deal for your project!

What symptoms should I look for before I contact you?

Here are a few symptoms that might send you and your manuscript to a book surgeon:

  1. You're willing to do what it takes to bring your book to it's highest potential.
  2. You're a business person who has the urgency to finish your book.
  3. You're willing to invest in a professional because you have a strong vision of what your book will be, but don't have the time or know-how to accomplish it.
  4. You understand the value of having a well written book that you're proud to put out into the world.
  5. Your desire to have a lasting legacy drives you to create the highest quality book for your family after you're gone.

If any of these resonate, then you'll want to contact a book surgeon to help you. Click the button below to schedule an appointment today.