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The Golden Butterfly: My Journey to Heaven on Earth

The Golden Butterfly: My Journey to Heaven on Earth by Celia Aily

Imagine being sick your entire life and not knowing what's wrong.

Your brain is constantly in a fog. You have trouble making decisions and knowing what’s right. You have no energy. You eat nothing and gain weight. You are locked away, verbally abused. Every day is like a bad dream.

But this isn’t a nightmare—this is Celia Aily Carranza’s life.

From a young age, Celia knew she was different. She spoke to the angels that surrounded her and guided her, and she had a special ability to understand others. But toxic forces in her life kept her earth-bound like a caterpillar, preventing her from reaching her true potential.

An innocent mind poisoned by verbal and emotional abuse destroyed Celia’s spirit, and Hashimoto’s disease that went undiagnosed and untreated for decades destroyed her body.

Her father’s murder and an abusive marriage kept her trapped in a cycle of pain. Still, Celia strived to understand—what was wrong with her body, why was she always in a fog, and why could she never seem to do right?

But every caterpillar eventually turns into a butterfly. For nearly four decades, Celia crawled through life, filled with fears and insecurities. Finally, with the help she needed, she was able to nurture and heal—finally understanding that self-care does not mean being selfish — and released old fears and wounds one by one. This is the story of Celia Aily Carranza, the Golden Butterfly, and how she escaped a life of hell and is living Heaven on Earth.

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